Workspace Login : Work Space Sign In

Workspace Login guide for everyone who are looking for accessing their workspace email accounts. If you are one of them who is searching for how to login, work and navigate through workspace email account then you are at the right place. I will give you a complete tutorial and step by step guide on those work space related information so continue reading…

Workspace Sign in is very easy and note that we are just providing guide and we are no way related to the official GoDaddy website or any of it’s Workspace accounts. We hold no copyrights and this is an official disclaimer from us.

Workspace Login : GoDaddy Email Login

Note: If you don’t have an account yet, then skip to the next topic on registering an account and creating a workspace account.

Follow the steps below to sign in to your workspace email account :

  1. Go to this website here : Workspace Homepage
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click on “Sign In”

You can also access your workspace account directly by entering like :

For example your website is :
your email ID is : admin

Then you can access your mail by entering this in your browser :

You will be directly requested to enter your credentials and you can log in easily. Incase of mobile then the method differs for logging in and it is almost same for iOS and Android so let me show you how to Login Workspace from iOS as example below:

Go to “Settings

Click on “Mail

Select “Account” and then tap “Add account

Press “Add mail account

Enter your credentials and select IMAP or POP

Next step is to enter your Email Server details

Wait for verification and click “Save“.

Note : You must have to turn off and on your Wi-Fi from the settings or restart the phone for the mail setting to take effect properly.

When it is done, you are good to workspace login and directly access your email from your mobile device, make sure to compose a test E-mail and check if it is working correctly.

Workspace Account Registration on GoDaddy Email :

To setup a workspace E-mail address from GoDaddy it is simple and you need to follow the steps show below to create it.

  • Sign in to GoDaddy account
  • Click on “Workspace email
  • Press “Manage” next to the account you want to create the workspace email for.
  • At the top of email address click “Create
  • Enter your desired email address and password.
  • Click on “Create” button.

If this is your first time then you have to follow the below in-between process :

You can use your existing free e-mail credit to create a new account.

  1. Click on “Setup” next to your desired account.
  2. Choose your account credit as displayed.
  3. Select the domain name and then click on setup.
  4. Now get back to the above process mentioned and follow them.

You will get an E-mail verification message to your inbox, open it and click on the congrats mail to process further.

FAQ’s on Work space Sign In :